I believe all art is installation art because it can not escape the context of where it is experienced.  I believe all art is time-based because it cannot escape decay.


With that, I am an installation artist working with different concepts of time-based media, exploring ideas of loneliness and separation -- not just from others but from the nature of my self.


I am also interested in the participation of the experiencer and the materials, especially as a way to complete the physical form of a piece.


The materials I use vary greatly but all have a certain technological nostalgia: cassette tapes, 16mm film, jigsaw puzzles, seeds. The final work can range from tiny objects mailed to an individual to large Rube Goldberg like mechanism to be installed in gallery or public space.


And like these artworks that I make, I am also trapped in space and time and see my day-to-day life as an extension of my art work.