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CU (I Want)

Friday, November 19, 2021 at 12:00pm, I went into a sound proof isolation booth with a typewriter and a roll of receipt paper. I wrote for 24 hours. Every sentence had to start with "I want". What came out was 8500 words that was live fed online. 23 days later now, I look at the text. Here are some excerpts from over a thousand wants.

Screenshot (11).png

There were 40 wants about eating:

I want pizza all the time

I want onion rings with every meal  

I want a carrot

I want to eat greasy fried food from a food truck  

I want to drink beers with my old friend and argue about movies again

I want to eat paper  

I want to eat ink  

I want ketchup with my words

I want coffee, really good perfectly brewed coffee  

I want to eat lavender honey on buttered toast with English breakfast tea at the firehouse loft in Greenpoint  


There were 20 wants for physical activity:

I want to run as fast as I can until I pass out

I want to climb a mountain 

I want to go swimming in the ocean  

I want to play fetch with a dog

I want to build a snowman  

I want to be able to dunk a basketball  

I want to be able to fly  

I want to be able to breathe underwater  

I want to do push ups  

I want to take a break and walk in the cold  


There were 154 wants about you:

I want to go grocery shopping with you and argue about which fruit is the ripest 

I want to hear about your day as we lay on the floor staring at the ceiling  

I want to fly away with you and share the same blanket on the plane  

I want to give you books

I want you to know I have always thought about you and have always cared

I want to go to your big art opening and see you beaming with joy  

I want to make work that makes you cry  

I want to taste your flesh 

I want to know where you will be in ten years   

I want to take you to abandoned buildings 


There were 7 wants for things.

I want new clothes  

I want a bigger bed

I want a house on the beach and drink coffee staring out into the waves huddled up in the winter

I want a giant warehouse studio  

I want a new watch band 

I want a secret treehouse 

I want a million books and have my own library  

There were 10 wants of violence:

I want you to stab me in the chest 

I want you to run me over with your car  

I want you to shoot me with a gun  

I want you to take an ax to my chest 

I want a slap to the face 

I want to destroy

I want to break things 

I want to punch a hole through the wall 

I want to smash this window in front of me  

I want to smash this typewriter  


There was 1 instance of rhyme:

I want something I can not get  

I want something but maybe not yet 


There were 2 mentions of brands:

I want Ben and Jerrys ice cream

I want Taco Bell 


There were 3 dead mentions:

I want Smokey to be alive 

I want to know if Lilly was sad

I want to talk to Lloyd  

I want to know why he left  

I want to know why he did not warn me but maybe he did  


There were 9 mentions of love:

I want more pictures of people I love

I want to be able to believe people love me  

I want to be able to give unconditional love 

I want to be able to receive love 

I want to feel loved  

I want to love 

I want you to love

I want to cry in front of everyone I know and tell them I love them

I want to love more 


The last want:

I want to want more

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