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WAITING 2020, 115cm x 64cm x 10cm, jigsaw puzzle, acrylic, wood

An image of a Ganet bird was made into a jigsaw puzzle then each piece was placed in an acrylic box on a taxidermy pin then onto a wooden frame.  Underneath the boxes, there is the story of Nigel, the loneliest bird.  On Mana Island, concrete decoy Ganets were placed to attract real Ganets back to the island.  One bird arrived and fell in love with one of the decoys.  He didn't leave the decoy's side for 5 years, preening it, building a nest in front of it, showing affection to it, until he passed.  The artwork is meant to be viewed from very far away and very close up.  The viewer should use the entirety of the space it is in.

Nigel Finished whole.jpg
Nigel Finished Open box.jpg
Nigel Finished blue.jpg
Nigel Finished missing.jpg
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