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LOOKING  2020, 112cm x 72cm x 10cm, jigsaw puzzle, acrylic, wood

Painting of the sound wave of the 52hz whale's call (the loneliest whale), with an image of a whale made into a jigsaw puzzle with individual pieces pinned with taxidermy pins in separate boxes are placed on top of the painting.  The 52hz whale has been calling out for over 10 years and has yet to have a response from another.  Though no one has seen the whale, his call is heard every year.  This work is meant to be viewed from very far and very close.  The viewer should use the entirety of the space the piece is in.

Photo of whale by Cameron Venti

whale full colored 2.jpg
whale blow hole.jpg
whale angled bluer2.jpg
whale open case.jpg
whale empty box wider bluer.jpg
whale light blue.jpg
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